Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time for Rumble!!!

It is me,your beloved e-being again.I am sorry for not writing for some time,but I was very busy with my final exams,but now they are finally over,so I have much more to devote on writing and of course GAMING!!!
And,now a bit of news on Enemy Territory Quake Wars and Quake Live.
Great traffic was noticed these past few days on the servers of ET:QW and Quake Live.It can be said that the servers were literally outran by players,just as I had predicted.What can I say,I surprise myself some times.A great number of frags and earned exp. points were also noticed which lead to the conclusion that the guns were quite busy these days.It can be also assummed that the same thing happened to the other online games.

To sum up fellow gamers and players.There are many opponents online right now that wait to beat you or to be beaten by you.It is time for the high ranking gamers to protect their titles and for the newcome players to gain titles of their own.The summer gaming open season has arrived!!!
Watch out though.Our weather podcast predicts a cataclismic rain of fire,bullets,arrows and rockets!!
ohh...I almost forgot.A friendly advise for those of you that are looking for a hunting lodge to protect themselves from the bullets or to supply themselves with weapons,ammo,and perhaps some good hunting companions for a rumbling storm out.I have heard of a lodge at and it is open for everyone.

See ya brothers!!!

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