Thursday, June 11, 2009

Greetings Gamers!!!!

Greetings,Gamers of the blogspot!! I am Gus "Rifle",a hardcore Greek Gamer and also the Leader of the Infernal Phoenix Gaming Squad or iPS clan and now I am a proud blog owner.
Our aim in blogspot is one and only one.To unite the members of our clan with gamers from all the world via blogging so as to share their gaming experiences,make new friends and talk about gaming.But speaking of the iPS clan, I would also like to add that the Infernal Phoenix Gaming Squad is currently recruiting members.So,if you are a gamer or a player that loves fast-paced competitive gaming and also the joy of fragging opponents,why don't you join us at,gaming is not really fun without you.

But,it is time to cut to the chase.The topic that I would like to write today is the future of gaming.In the last E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo,for those that don't know about it,it is like the superball of gaming where all the new gaming technologies are presented) we saw many great stuff.We saw reaction remotes for the PS3,new games like Assassin's Creed 2,the new Super Mario Galaxy and more,but,what really blew us away was the "notorious" project NATAL.

For those that don't know what project NATAL is,let me sum it up with a few words.It is a new sensor bar for the X-BOX 360 that requires no controllers or sticks or nunchucks.By moving your body,you move your character in the game.For instance,if you are playing a racing game,the only thing that you have to do is pretending to be driving a car and that's it.The character drives as you drive.

Another ability of project NATAL is the real life communication.The NATAL,contains an artificial character named Milo who can understand human emosions,act like a human and also talk with you like an actual,real human.I have to admit that it is a bit creepy.

So,as you can propably understand this project,changes completely the landscape of gaming as we know it.And now I am asking you.How much do you think that project NATAL or similar projects will change gaming?
Thank you for reading our topic and if you have any answers to my question,please leave them as comments and stay tuned for more.Also don't forget to check our recruitment site if you are interested in joining us, at

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