Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Gaming

Greetings Friends Gamers!!

Hi everyone,it is me,the e-being again and I am publishing a new post,apparently.
Today's topic of discussion is the summer gaming.E3 is long gone now and Quakecon is on its way,so as you can see this is a very hot gaming period of the summer.Not to mention the fact that many new games are about to come out this summer,like our beloved Assassin's Creed 2.

For me is a very hot gaming period too,not only for the above-mentioned reasons ,but also because I will get to play Dungeons and Dragons with my buddies after a long winter of waiting.What is better than playing DnD with good friends in a cool room at the midle of the blazing summer?

Anyway,lets get back to the main topic of today's discussion.This summer is expected to be one of the best gaming summers,due to the publicity of many new games like Dead Space and the expansion of many team playing games like Enemy Territory Quake Wars and MAG and also the domination of Quake Live ,as the best deathmatch game of all times (you can visit its site and register for free online gaming at yeah,this summer the servers will run with blood and the most commonly said word is going to be frag.So people,you'd better brace yourselves for an infernal gaming experience out of the veil of our reality.
Thank you for reading,and oohh a friendly reminder.For all these gamers,seeking for a clan, out in the blistering hot of the summer,there is a cool place where they are all welcome.Its name is iPS clan and is waiting for you at tunned for more.

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